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by LJ Puppy Play

Puppy socialization is the act of getting your puppy comfortable with common sights, sounds, people, and animals that will be in their lives.

At LJ Puppy Play I'll help your puppy socialize, have fun, and develop into a more relaxed and enjoyable dog.


Meet the puppies we've played with!

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Leah has been SO instrumental in socializing our puppy Winston. After just one session with her, his attitude towards other dogs around our complex and at the park completely changed. He’s no longer afraid, but instead is super outgoing, and he loves big dogs because I’m sure they remind him of his pal Ollie. I would leave Winston with Leah anytime- she is literally one of the only people I fully trust with him. She loves dogs, is so sweet to our pup and has been a great sounding board for us as we navigate raising a puppy during these times!

Kathy S.



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