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About Leah and Oliver

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I'm Leah Jackson, the "LJ" in LJ Puppy Play!⁣

Oliver is my two-year-old goldendoodle. Together, we've been steadily watching dogs and puppies for over a year through Rover. During that time, we have cared for dozens of small, medium, and large dogs. We've also cared for many aged dogs, from 10-week-old puppies to 9-year-old dogs. 🐾⁣

LJ Puppy Play is an extension of my dog siting services. These are 1-hour puppy socialization sessions for puppies 10 weeks to 6 months. My 1-hour sessions offer no owner contact puppy socializing so that the puppies can get important exposure to other puppies and dogs in order to help make them comfortable in a wider variety of situations as they get older. Pet parents can watch the sessions on, a free streaming service!

The reason I began LJPP is because so many people are getting puppies during the COVID19 Pandemic, but socialization classes are no longer being held at most pet stores due to physical distancing limitations.

I realized how many puppies were missing out on this important aspect of puppyhood, and I wanted to help, so I created the LJ Puppy Play sessions.

🥰 It has been a personal dream of mine to work with puppies and dogs, I love getting to know each one❣️⁣

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